Management of Networks & Distributed Systems.

Alexander O'Connor

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify key issues encountered in managing networks, applications and Systems
  2. Apply common techniques and technologies to network & system management problems
  3. Analyse the future trends in networks and distributed system management

Group Project

Timetable -- Updated

Monday11:00—12:00Salmon Theatre, Hamilton
Monday16:00—17:00Joly Theatre, Hamilton
Thursday14:00—15:00LB01. Lloyd

Course Notes

Unit 1: Introduction to Network Management.

Introducing the core concepts for the management of Networks & Distributed Systems

Unit 2: Internet Network Management.

Covering SNMP.

Unit 3: Telecommunication Management.

Covering CMIP and the OSI Model and TMN.

Unit 4: Web Based Enterprise Management.

Covering DMTF.

Unit 5: Knowledge-based Network Management.

Covering Ontologies, Policy-based Management.

Unit 6: Other Topics.

Revision, tutorials and other supplementary material